Through LinkingMinds, my partners and I offer coaching and advice for the new work-world. For an environment that demands more cooperation, collaboration and a we-culture. We open new we-rooms for you: through individual- and group coaching, team workshops, leadership journeys und “Zukunftssparring”in the form of keynotes, inputs or as interactive experiences.

As a first step in the coaching process I often support the development of self-leadership. The goal: to enable organic transformation instead of pushing limitless self-optimization. Only this allows you to develop inner stability and good external alignment; especially if you are also responsible for others in your leadership or coordination role.

When working with teams common goals require a synchronization of existing perspectives, constructive dialogue and intelligent feedback loops. The focus is therefore on the “we”, strengthening conflict resolution skills and ambiguity-tolerance..

“Future-Sparring” is about developing common images for the upcoming changes and gaining creative leeway. To do this, we analyze the big waves of change and develop your sustainability.

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