Kirsten Brühl

since 2014: Linking Minds. A new title, a more holistic perspective. My goal: to actively support the transformation of the world of work. Because agile companies, fluid processes and growing zones of uncertainty are increasingly challenging us. To do this, we need stronger relationship and collaboration skills, more tolerance of ambiguity, the ability to self-reflect and deal with ourselves, our teams, partners, customers and suppliers, and consistent images of the future.

2002 – 2013 Change Facilitation. Working independently as a business coach and consultant as well as author and keynote speaker for the Zukunftsinstut Frankfurt / Vienna. The focus: The future of the world of work and female forces; the future of women. Change supported in many roles, but always with the same goal – to support people in such a way that change can be experienced as an opportunity and potential for their own development.

2001 Classsic Consultation in St. Gallen. Organizational development and coaching for the traditional corporate world. As a consultant, I carried out management training, in-house workshops, team development and individual coaching and learned more about the often deeply rooted thought and action patterns of classic companies.

1998-2000 New Media Consultant. Shaping the world of new media. Project sparring with companies, advising new media service providers on setting up their structures, coaching companies and prospective managers, designing and implementing advanced training curricula and seminars for new educational institutions. A lot of “cultural work”. Because interactive communication requires an attitude of openness, transparency and self-organization – a “digital mindset”.

1994-1997 Start-up in the New Economy. Pioneering work as a consultant and concept developer, helped set up Kabel New Media, one of the first e-consulting agencies in Germany. And helped to make the Internet socially acceptable in Germany and to move companies towards interactive dialogue.

1991-1993 Business editor. Reality check. Listing, observing, asking questions, analyzing – and getting to the point. As a journalist at Deutscher Fachverlag, she reported on a wide variety of corporate worlds. Proved a sense for the potential of the future and developed the “New Media”.

1984-1990 Economist. The “big picture” is illuminated. Studied economics and social sciences in Frankfurt (Goethe University) and Stockholm (International Graduate School), questioned the homo oeconomicus, researched labor market and social policy in Sweden and won an idea of ​​the economy’s big picture.

Further training.

2021 Year-long training in Compassionate Inquiry (Trauma) bei Gabor Maté, Kanada.
2020 Warm Data Lab Host at Nora Bateson/Bateson Institute
2020 101 Sensemaking at Rebel Wisdom.
2019 Certified Agile Consultant at Maiconsulting.
2011 Neuroimagination Coach at Brainjoin Germany.
2005 until today: Coach, Supervision and Training at Hephaistos, Munich
1998 Training in process moderation with Arnold and Amy Mindell and Max Schupbach, in systemic structure constellation with Mathias Varga von Kibed and Insa Sparrer and in value management (spiral dynamics) at Core Commit. Further training in constellation work at the Bert Hellinger Institute, Tel Aviv, and Dietrich Weth, Frankfurt.

10 years of martial arts and 17 years of meditation experience.